The 12 Hidden Truths to Learning Spanish

Allow me to tell you a quick story. When I first published this book back in 2010, I had a surreal moment. I had 100 copies sent to me so I could give them away as I felt led. The day after I received the copies, I had a trip to the west coast to do a conference and I put a few books with me in my briefcase that I carried onto the plane. Lo and behold, and God is my witness that this happened, after we took off, the guy sitting next to me pulled out a common-market Spanish program (in a yellow box) and a Spanish dictionary. He then pulled out another Spanish learning aide, and then another, and I looked at him and asked him if he was trying to learn Spanish. He replied that he was.

Now, mind you, he didn't know me, and much less didn't know that I had just written a book on how to learn Spanish based on years of experience. I asked him how it was going to which he replied, "man, this is tough, not very well." So, I made a comment to him that really seemed to resonate with him. I said, "man, you're like a person trying to put together a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle using pieces from 10 different boxes that just aren't designed to fit." He just stared at me and said, "well, that's pretty much how it feels." 

So, I just let him do his thing, seeking the right time to gift him one of my hot off the press 12 Hidden Truths to Learning Spanish books. He was pretty engrossed into his studies, so I took a moment, reached into my briefcase, pulled out a book, signed it, and leaned over and said, "hey, I just happen to have this in my briefcase and thought it might help you." He didn't know I was the author, as we hadn't even exchanged names to that point. He took the book, put down his other stuff and started to read it! Now, this was bizarre, I just got this book the day before and here's this guy reading it right in front of me. After a while, he flips to the back cover of the book, looks at my picture there, looks at me, and with an expletive more or less says, "no way." I just laughed and asked him if he was enjoying it. He said, yes and just kept reading.

And here's what happened. The guy (who happened to be a Vice-president of a Canadian mining company doing business in Colombia) got to around Chapter 5, leaned over and said to me, "This makes a lot of sense. Do you happen to know of a Spanish course that applies these principles." ¡Wepa! Why, yes I do, I said. 

This book is different from all other books you will ever read on learning Spanish as an adult. I am up-front and honest with you about what works, and maybe just as importantly, what doesn't. There is just so much B.S. in this field that most learners have no idea how to approach learning the language. In The 12 Hidden Truths to Learning Spanish, I will unveil the keys to learning in a way that makes sense, and can be applied right away. 

So, if you really want to learn Spanish, this is my gift to you. All you have to do is request it, and you'll get a free copy delivered to your email box. And, if you become convinced that this is the right approach, which I'm pretty sure you will, I can guide you to a Spanish course that will do everything that this book espouses. 

If, for some reason, you're still not convinced to download the book, read what some other leaders who read the book and have gone through the process have to say. They are the real authorities!


What Spanish Learners Who are Leaders Say

"I have personally experienced the power of Ricardo’s training methods. I can honestly tell you they work."

"Ricardo is a language training genius. My leadership team learned Spanish well through his teaching methods. This is a must-read for anyone interested in learning Spanish."

"This book will teach you exactly what you need to do to learn Spanish well and has the potential to revolutionize adult Spanish learning."

"As a professional educator, I am amazed at the results I have achieved by applying the principles in this book. Read it if you really want to learn Spanish."

"Ricardo‘s Spanish training methods have allowed me to achieve my long-time goal of learning Spanish well. I can now speak at a very high level both professionally and personally."

"Things have really clicked for me after applying your Hidden Secrets to Learning Spanish. I am finally achieving my goal of communicating well in Spanish."

"I had tried a few different Spanish programs, but I just wasn’t learning the language well. These truths have given me the focus and guidance I needed. Trust the process Ricardo lays out here, and it will work for you!"

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Thanks for taking the time to read this communication and I hope to help you achieve your Spanish learning goals. 




Ricardo Gonzalez

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